Where Are They Now?

After the Darling Buds, Harley largely fell out of the public eye, reportedly becoming a nutritionist. Andrea worked with the Cardiff Theatre Company, and would later host The Slate arts and culture show for BBC Wales, as well as co-hosting the Welsh radio show The Weekenders, prior to creating the Children's Academy of Stage Training (CAST) in South Wales (www.thecast.org), with her husband, Jamie Jarvis.

In July of 2010 the Darling Buds unexpectedly performed a single show at a tribute concert in Newport, South Wales, in memory of John Sicolo, the beloved owner of TJ's, a music club in Newport, followed by a September 22, 2010 show at The 100 Club in London. In 2014 a pair of shows were played, April 18 at Le Pub in Newport, and April 19 at The Borderline in London.

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